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UL Power

UL Power Engines have been developed specifically for use in light aircraft and are manufactured to the highest standards.

Ellipse Aircraft

If you are thinking of a modern advanced Carbon Composite Aircraft look no further. Ellipse offer this truly magnificent aircraft in kit form, quick build kit, or as a completed aircraft to your custom specification. Engine choice can be Rotax or UL Power fixed under carriage or retractable.


Sterna specialises in the manufacture of the safest, most efficient and highest quality carbon fiber ‘hollow’ composite propellers.


Flyleds background is in advanced electronics and they have been involved in the experimental aviation community for years.

Edge Performance

For all your upgrades and performance enhancements, speak to us. We are  pleased to represent Thomas in Australia offering the latest in go fast modifications.

Flybox Innovative Avionics

Since 1982, Flybox has worked in cooperation with a team of aviation pilots to develop a family of instruments specifically for ultralight and experimental aircraft.