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MW Fly

MW Fly Engines have been developed specifically for use in light aircraft and are manufactured to the highest standards.  Standard equipment on our water-cooled engines include an integrated oil tank, a dual ignition and fuel injection system, a thermostat, a water tank with pressurized cap, an electric starter with relay, an alternator 350W, shock absorbers and all sensors for the EMS system.

All of the above items are installed on the engine.

MW Fly Aeropower

There are 16 standard versions of engines available with power from 100HP up to
155HP, direct drive or geared, left and right rotation, tractor or pusher, less than 85 kg (187 lbs)

The MW Fly aeropower engines have one of the best price/power ratio. In addition the efficiency of MW Fly engines is far better than any air cooled, air/water cooled engine, or any lateral valve engine with a fuel consumption less then 175gr/HP*hr.  Last but not least the MW Fly aeropower engines are simple to install and to maintain.

It’s easier to stay in the pack, but sometimes it’s smarter to choose for yourself. MW Fly engines are not copies of Rotax or Lycoming engines. These are designed from scratch choosing the smartest solutions you can find in every single detail of the engine. The aeropower engine is a single unit with everything necessary to make it run. It is easy to mount and dismount. All standard accessories are Plug & Play and the EMS will keep the engine under control.

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